Other Activities

Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavours, Anna frequently takes part in a variety of different projects. Some examples include:

Speaker at various events


Mentor within the Berlin Geekettes Mentorship Programme and the Berlin Hardware Accelerator

Guest at the British Council’s Transatlantic Network 2020

How is social media changing our national identity and concepts of solidarity? What measures are we undertaking to protect our privacy in social networks? How are social media providing a platform for civic action? How is transatlantic influence changing?

“It Becomes Public” is a round robin video discussion on these and other issues, generated from a single evening’s workshop facilitated by KS12 at the British Council Berlin. The workshop was held during Social Media Week Berlin 2011.

Produced by KS12 in collaboration with British Council Berlin

Co-organised and co-hosted the first InfluencerConference Berlin in 2011

What can we learn from influencers? In which directions do they point and which ideas, phenomena and insights are worth pursuing?

Structured around three major topics, the conference facilitated an exchange between leading thinkers: Changing to Green, Making Contributions & Rebranding the Arts were the core topics, all connected via the event theme ‘Reaching New Audiences’. The conference was orchestrated to happen simultaneously in New York, London and Berlin, including panel discussions that included speakers from all three locations.


Conference Partners:

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Co-organised the BAUHAUS live design workshop programme with Werner Aisslinger in collaboration with the Bauhaus Archive Berlin

The starting point of the workshop was the interdisciplinary vision of the Bauhaus movement. Participants from ten countries and diverse backgrounds spent a week in Berlin, challenging themselves to develop concepts and products that apply the avant-garde thinking of the Bauhaus movement to today´s challenges.