Anna is a Berlin-based former serial entrepreneur working as a freelance consultant and business coach. With an interdisciplinary background in Product Design, Design Management/Design Thinking and Product Management, Anna is a seasoned allrounder, combining pragmatism and strategic vision with analytical reflection and entrepreneurial empathy.

Generating the biggest possible value for her client is always at the heart of Anna’s actions. Thanks to her wide scope of experience, she commands a wealth of tools and methodologies to help her clients rediscover the happiness of healthy and sustainable strategic growth; one of her biggest assets lies in striking the perfect balance between a consultant’s experience and a growth-oriented coaching mindset.

Anna works both as a free agent and as part of some great consulting and coaching teams.



Anna is a statistical outlier: between 2008 and 2018, she founded a total of six companies. And not only are female founders rare in Germany, but even more so are female entrepreneurs solo-founding B2B businesses involving venture backing and high-tech hardware.


One of Anna’s personal passions is wine. Closely associated with one of Berlin’s leading wine merchants, the Weinmichel, Anna spends a lot of her free time educating her palate. She is also a big fan of Japanese single malt whisky and an occasional cigar smoker.

Other Activities

Beyond her other endeavours, Anna is a frequent speaker at a number of events and conferences around topics such as Entrepreneurship, Innovation and FashionTech, as well as personal favourites such as Articial Intelligence, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

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