Berlin-based serial entrepreneur and freelance writer, passionate about startups, technology and wine.



Between 2008 and 2018, Anna founded a total of six companies, which makes her a radical statistical outlier: not only are female founders rare in Germany, but even more so are female entrepreneurs running B2B businesses by themselves, especially those founding ventures involving high-tech hardware.



One of Anna’s personal passions is wine. Closely associated with one of Berlin’s leading wine merchants, the Weinmichel, Anna spends a lot of her free time educating her palate. She is also a big fan of Japanese single malt whisky and an occasional cigar smoker.

Other Activities

Beyond her other endeavours, Anna is a frequent speaker at a number of events and conferences around topics such as entrepreneurship, innovation, fashiontech and personal favourites such as articial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality.

She also works as a freelance consultant.